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Epic LMS is the most configurable loyalty management system in the market today. Epic offers the flexibility to craft and manage points earning rules with the utmost ease. 


Switch on the most configurable and flexible loyalty rule engine ever built.

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 0   -  100,000

Transactions per 


100,000 - 500,000

Transactions per 


500,000 +

Transactions per 





Pay only 10 paise per transaction upto 100,000 transactions

Pay only 5 paise per transaction over 500,000 transactions

5 active events

5 active events

No Booking Fees

5 active events

No Booking Fees

30 Day Trial

About Us

Epic.One was founded in 2018 to supercharge rewards. Amit Chawla, Shalini Prakash wanted reward programs to go across brands and not operate in silos. The Rewards Ecosystem today is closed-loop and fragmented. Our Epic.One team strives to make this a more open loop structure. 


Over the course of a year, we have developed a team consisting of 20 people with tech, design, sales, marketing and partnerships background. As our team is constantly increasing, we all have the common goal to free customer’s points and supercharge B2B Reward Programs.

Epic.One is a Super App for Rewards. We help enterprises reward their customers better. Our comprehensive program helps build and sustain relationships with the target audience. We strive to free your points to be used as a currency across different categories ( Flights, hotels, electricity bills, etc)


Epic is poised to be a one stop loyalty program platform for customers looking for a simple platform with a plethora of options to redeem points without losing them to expiry. 

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30 Day Trial

30 Day Trial

30 Day Trial

Pay only 7 paise per transaction upto 500,000 transactions

Why? What? How?

Call   +91 98869 01032

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Also available as OneApp


A Mobile based platform that enables commerce with over 500+ of the largest brands in India.


Get access to sell :

- 300+ Deals and Discounts

- 200+ Prepaid Vouchers and Gift Cards

- 50+ Subscription services from Brands

Integrate OneApp to your Mobile App and go live in 4 days






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For General Inquires :  inquiry@epic.one

Address: 4B, Lavelle Mansion , 1/2, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001