A Simple & Powerful Loyalty Management System

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1. Create and Edit Reward Campaigns with a click of a button

Build as many programs as you wish with no limits posed on the number of configurable programs. Create program metadata using just CSV files.

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2. Build Custom Rules

Build Rules and chain rules into multiple chains effortlessly in a drag and drop interface.

Use Sandbox to Test Program Rules 


Sandbox provides the ability to test the points earned as per the configured rule against transactions. This is done to mimic the actual points earned on any transaction and also to test for anomalous transactions.


You can either test rules synchronously or in batch mode

Test transactions upto the speed of 3000 transactions per second

Obtain Real Time Points Earned

Integrate Epic’s real time or batch point earn APIs with your billing systems for real time points updates sent directly to your customers. 

Epic’s Earn APIs are integrated with your billing systems and provides points information in real time or batch system. Your customers are notified with point updates directly.

Obtain Actionable Insights

Use Epic’s Reward Reporting Engine to generate upto 18 reports, detailing- customer segmentation, top earn frequency, top earners value and much more.

Upto 18 Reports

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Users and Roles to Match Organizational Hierarchies

Create users and roles per the organizational hierarchy for efficient points administration with the ability to ...

Define admin and customer support roles

Issue and deduct points

Extend points expiry and manage reversals