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How do I know what Rewards programs I am a part of?

Through our Epic Platform customers can log in with their phone number and track each reward program they are a part off and the loyalty points they have accumulated through their journey with the brand. Epic provides email and text message notifications of the new points earned and what these points can be redeemed for.

How much money can an average person save using Rewards Points?

An average person can have access to their loyalty points they have earned like never before. Usually people forget where and when they have accumulated these points. On an average, Rs. 30,000 - 40,000 minimum relative to reward points are being lost per person each year. Our platform helps to utilize the lost rewards.

How secure are my points in the Epic App?

Your reward points are perfectly secure on the Epic App. Each time you attempt to claim/ redeem your points you will receive an OTP which is personalized to your phone number. As long as your private information and phone is secure, your points are safe to be stored on the EPIC App.

What? Why? How? Call our Rewards Advisor 1800 000 000

If you want to know more about where you have redeemed your points, how to claim these points or what redemption options you have for these points call our 24/7 Rewards Advisor.

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