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Frontier technologies driving customer experiences

Larger access to smart phones in today’s era has vastly enhanced customer experience with reward programs.

New innovations have helped boost loyalty platforms to a level that is still yet to be attained. The introduction to gamification, geolocation, augmented reality and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are stepping stones to integrate technology and reward programs.

British Gas Rewards is an example of gamification integrated with customer loyalty. Members can win prizes (including family holidays, smart technology devices, meals out and even chocolate bars) by helping Wilbur the Penguin (the lovable British Gas mascot) to locate Easter eggs – a family friendly activity. This gamified experience is a fun, rewarding way of bettering customer experience.

Applications like Captive and Reward Hunter are innovative ways for customers to shop, obtain bonuses and rewards. This augmented reality technology can be tailored to a company's business plan to gamify the experience for their customer. Through this app you can find items like wooden chests on a map using your smart phone's camera that can be opened to find rewards, bonuses and discounts. Retailers can gain user's attention, advertise their products and customize the experience for the user using this app.

Artificial intelligence will be a core customer experience investment over the next 18 months for brands. 47% of companies will use chatbots for customer care and 40% will deploy virtual assistants. With such tech, companies can understand the customer better and improve their loyalty programs. Forgetting your wallet at home is yesterday’s excuse.

Today, the presence of digital wallets have changed the game for making purchases. Reward programs have opened up a new medium of making frictionless transactions. In RSR’s research survey 20% of respondents said they will use digital wallets as payment methods in 3 years time. Mobile payments give brands far more data about consumer behavior and transactions. Identifying favourite brands, products as well as their favourite time to shop has been made easier through new technology. Target marketing has improved by a great extent due to this. These features can be used by loyalty programs for customer retention and acquisition.

The growing demand of millenial customers are moving from digital to digital first. The primary way to reach and engage customers is to interact with them through every digital channel possible. This means creating multiple creative digital channel that releases content, offers and communications. Transcendent technology combined with dynamic purchases have resulted in the digital first method to be inevitable.


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